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Bad Credit Personal Loans - History of Bankruptcy OK!

These are difficult financial times for so many people. Did you lose your job? Have you had a medical emergency? Do you need money to buy a car, pay a school bill, or to take a trip? Maybe you just can't keep up with the crazy gas prices. If you are one of the unlucky many who have been having problems making ends meet, then it is likely you have relied on using credit cards. It is also likely that you have accumulated high balances that you have been unable to manage. The bad credit that now defines you makes it difficult for you to move forward. If you are looking to satisfy any short-term or long-term needs consider applying for bad credit personal loans.

Bad Credit Personal Loans for Every Need, Credit Type and Budget!
United Personal Loans offers unsecured programs that are personalized to the exact wants of each consumer we help fund, despite any negative credit records. Apply even if you have recently foregone bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure and/or divorce. We even assist high risk applicants with slow credit get the bad credit personal loans they are looking for.

All different loan amounts are available. Apply for $100 to $45,000! We even offer different types of payment options. Meaning, we can set you up on weekly, monthly or bi-monthly payment plans.  Owning a home is not necessary, you do not need a co-signer nor do you need a security deposit when you apply for bad credit unsecured loans with our financers!

Let Us Help You Rebuild Your Credit!
Our bad credit personal loans are designed to help restore poor credit ratings. We work closely with all of the credit bureaus by providing them with your account activity every month. Therefore, it is important that you keep current with your payments. When utilizing a loan with United, you can expect to begin building a new, positive credit history for yourself immediately with results reflecting on your credit report within 2-3 months.

Apply now for bad credit personal loans!

What You Should Know About Bad Credit Personal Loans From Banks
Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions want to protect themselves from people with bad credit and typically do not grant approvals for this type of poor credit financing. When they do, there are generally two scenarios. The first would require you to have something to offer the bank for collateral, such as your house (secured). The second would be loan which doesn't require collateral (unsecured) but the costs will be higher.

Regardless, bad credit loans from traditional lenders will be expensive. There may be an upfront fee like a deposit for security or an initial down payment. There will be a high interest rate and other possible fees. It is important to research the banks carefully to make sure they are members of the FDIC. Don't fall for any scams. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The bottom line is that not only are the direct bad credit personal loans offered by United achievable for even those with the worst credit histories, the rates we provide are very competitive compared to those being received by those with good credit.

Get Your Finances in Check and APPLY NOW!


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