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Personal Loan Payment Calculator

Use the calculator below to determine what your monthly payment for your personal loan may be. We also suggest that you check out the section on determining how much you should borrow for your personal loan.




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A personal Loan calculator will help you figure out what to expect with your loan. Specifically how much it is going to cost you monthly and the total cost for you loan in interest when paying it back over a specific term. The loan amount, interest rate and the term are the principal terms to compute the future expenses associated with your loan. You should play around with the numbers and input different loan amounts, interest rates and terms to see what monthly estimated payments and total costs can be. Doing so will help you get a very solid idea as to what your monthly obligations are going to be as well as the total amount you'll end up paying at the conclusion of your loan.

One of the most important things to remember when taking out a personal loan is to not get in over your head. You may be able to satisfy short-term needs with your financing. However, if you are not going to be able to meet your monthly obligations long-term, and you can't pay, you'll end up damaging your credit score. We can not stress enough that you carefully use the personal loan calculator above and firmly make sure you are going to be afford your monthly payments for the entire duration of the loan. If not, or you are not sure, then do not apply. Get your finances in order and create a budget first so that you can make an informative decision when determining your able borrowing amount and monthly payment that can be afforded. Once you have your budget, use the personal loan calculator again and see how your monthly payments are going to effect your day-to-day/month-to-month finances.


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