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Below is some information that will help you improve your credit worthiness. The more positive information you have listed on your credit report, the more stability you exhibit. Stability is looked at positively by all lenders and financial institutions. You can get a free copy of your credit score and profile.

- Make sure that your place of employment and your job title are listed. If you have not been employed at your current job for more than two years, make sure you previous job is listed as well.

- Is your current residence listed accurately? If you have not been living at your address for more than two years, make sure your previous address is listed as well.

- Your social security number is how lenders are going to identify you. Therefore it is important that your SSN is listed accurately.

- Lenders will also likely want to contact you to verify your personal information. So, make sure your phone number is listed correctly.

- Are all of your current accounts reflective of your most recent payment history? It is common for lenders and credit card companies to not only neglect reporting to all three major credit reporting agencies, they also do not report regularly. If your accounts are not accurate, contact the creditor and request them to update your reported info. If the creditor does not respond, you can send copies of your most recent payments to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus will then update your accounts.

- Apply for a credit card.

- Put some bills in your name. If you are living with your parents or with a friend, you should put some of the bills in your name, i.e. gas, electric, cable, phone. Any type of bill in your name will help improve your credit score.

Use your credit wisely! You can build your credit score rather quickly if you are a credit savvy consumer. However, you can destroy your credit even faster if you do not use your credit wisely. Click the link to get a free copy of your credit score and profile.


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